2010-2011 Committees

Membership 2010-2011 Chair: Jill LaRock

Programs 2010-2011 Chair: Gussie Jones

Scholarship Luncheon 2010-2011 Chair: Melissa McIntyre

Newsletter 2010-2011 Editor: Christy Tipps

Email Announcements 2010-2011 Chair: Carol Graff

Publicity 2010-2011 Chair: Jill Kincer

Members are welcome to submit public service announcements at the monthly meetings to inform attendees of events in the community that may be 

Refreshments 2010-2011 Chair: Tina Wallace and Kay Locher

Mini-Bios 2010-2011 Chair: Carolyn Tipps

Several years ago our board noticed that as our group continued to grow from a small group of neighbors that many members did not know each other very well.  To fill this need, we started a Mini-bio segment at our meetings.  The Biographer has prospects fill out an information sheet asking about these areas – her childhood and youth including memories of hometown, siblings, high school/college years; her adult years including work spouse, kids, grandkids, interests; a historical or personal event, philosophy, or axiom, that impacted her life; hobbies/interests; and advice or words of wisdom to pass on to future generations. 

The Biographer then compiles this and reads one at a meeting.  We have found we have many similar experiences and much more in common than we realized.

All of those presented through 2009 are on a CD and available for $5 by contacting Carolyn Tipps.

Historian 2010-2011 Chair: Jolene Westafer

Compassionate Care 2010-2011 Chair: Pat Cooney

This committee was formed to let members know that BWL is thinking of them in times of illness or a death in the family. The cards and stamps are supplied by BWL and are sent by volunteer members. Members are encouraged to let a committee member or chair know if someone needs a card.

Book Exchange 2010-2011 Chair: Nancy LeCain

Members are encouraged to bring books to the monthly meeting to share for free exchange. Take as many as you like! No need to return them.

Senior Center Liason 2010-2011 Chair: Jo Ferguson

Women in Transition 2010-2011 Chair: Linda McLarty

Toiletries 2010-2011 Chair: Amy Sargent

Labels and Pop Tops 2010-2011 Chair: Arlee Graham

Holiday Tour of Homes 2010-2011 Chair: Sue Toussant

Members of the BWL will open up their homes to display their holiday lights and decorations. Tickets will be on sale in the fall.

Website 2010-2011 Chair: Jen White Doom