Below are the chairpersons for the various
        Executive and Standing committees.

Please click here to see a list of items that include some of the ways that YOU can help out -
with very little time or inconvenience!
(Labels for education, toiletries for Family Violence Prevention Center, pop tabs,
books for each other, letters for Honor Flight, and more! )

Executive Committees:

  • Membership 2019 - 2020 Chair:    Margie Perenic
  • Programs 2019 - 2020 Chair:    Cindy Gaboury
  • Scholarship Luncheon 2019 - 2020 Co-chairs:
          Debborah Wallace, Susan Phillips, and Tiffany Novak
  • Technology 2019 - 2020 Chair: Pat Barton
         (This position includes the Website, Facebook, Email,
                 Publicity, and technical support for Membership.)
 Standing Committees:      

  • Biographer (Mini-Bios) 2019 - 2020:      Tammy Brown

 NOTE: Several years ago our board noticed that as our group continued to grow from a small group of neighbors that many members did not know each other very well. To fill this need, we started a Mini-bio segment at our meetings. The Biographer has prospects fill out an information sheet asking about these areas – her childhood and youth including memories of hometown, siblings, high school/college years; her adult years including work spouse, kids, grandkids, interests; a historical or personal event, philosophy, or axiom, that impacted her life; hobbies/interests; and advice or words of wisdom to pass on to future generations. The Biographer then compiles this and presents one at a meeting. We have found we have many similar experiences and much more in common than we realized.

  • Book Exchange 2019 - 2020 Chairs:    Jessica Keuper
                    NOTE: Members are encouraged to bring books to the monthly meeting to share for free exchange. 
                    Take as many as you like! NOTE: There is no need to return them!

  • Compassionate Care 2019 - 2020 Chair:    Mary Mathieu
This committee was formed to let members know that BWL is thinking of them in times of illness or a death in the family. 

            The cards and stamps are supplied by BWL and are sent by volunteer members
            Members are encouraged to let a committee member or chair know if someone needs a card.      
      June:                     Mary Mathieu               937-429-3021    
      July:                      Jessica Keuper              937-427-3244                     
      August:                 Jessica Keuper              937-427-3244    
      September:          Jan McCluer                  937-429-9270    
      October:                Julie LaPolt                  937-429-5620    
      November:           Gussie Jones                 937-429-0805   
      December:            Mary Mathieu              937-429-3021                
      January:                Nancy LeCain              937-429-0263    
      February:              Fran O'Shaughnessy   937-657-8315    
      March:                   Mary Waite                   937-429-4118     
      April:                     Pat Ferguson                 937-426-4650    
      May:                      Mary Mathieu                937-429-3021     
  • Greene County Hall of Fame Liaison 2019 - 2020   Shirley Docken and Peg Arnold

This committee accepts nominations for our BWL nominee for the Greene County Hall of Fame.
NOTE: Do NOT submit the application to Greene County; 
              instead, please complete it and turn it in to Shirley Docken or Peg Arnold.
One nominee will be selected as the BWL nominee.

NOTE: No previous honorees may be selected.
              To see the list of past nominees, please click  here.
Questions? Contact Shirley Docken or Peg Arnold

  • Historian Chair 2019 - 2020:    Toni White
  • Labels for Education Chair 2019 - 2020:    Arlene Graham
  • Newsletter Editor / Chair 2019 - 2020:    Christy Tipps
  • Refreshments Chair 2019 - 2020:    Angie Baker
  • Senior Center Liaison / Chair 2019 - 2020:    Jo Ferguson 
  • Toiletries Chair 2019 - 2020:    Edie Keast
  • Women in Transition Chairs 2019 - 2020:    
           Carolyn Tipps, Linda McLarty, and JoAnn Rigano
  • 50th Anniversary Celebration Chair 2019 - 2020:    Debborah Wallace