CommitteesBelow are the chairpersons for the various
        Executive and Standing committees.

Please click here to see a list of items that include some of the ways that YOU can help out -
with very little time or inconvenience!
(Labels for education, toiletries for Family Violence Prevention Center, pop tabs,
books for each other, letters for Honor Flight, and more! )

Executive Committees:

  • Membership 2018 - 2019 Chair:    Margie Perenic
  • Programs 2018 - 2019 Chair:    Julie Vann and Jessica Keuper
  • Scholarship Luncheon 2018 - 2019 Chairs:
          Debborah Wallace, Susan Phillips, and Lesli Beavers
  • Technology 2018 - 2019 Chair: Martha N. Shields
    and Technology Assistant 2018 - 2019: Pooja Gwalani and TBA
         (This position includes the Website, Facebook, Email, Publicity, and technical support for Membership.)
 Standing Committees:      

  • Biographer (Mini-Bios) 2018 - 2019:      Carolyn Tipps

 NOTE: Several years ago our board noticed that as our group continued to grow from a small group of neighbors that many members did not know each other very well. To fill this need, we started a Mini-bio segment at our meetings. The Biographer has prospects fill out an information sheet asking about these areas – her childhood and youth including memories of hometown, siblings, high school/college years; her adult years including work spouse, kids, grandkids, interests; a historical or personal event, philosophy, or axiom, that impacted her life; hobbies/interests; and advice or words of wisdom to pass on to future generations. The Biographer then compiles this and presents one at a meeting. We have found we have many similar experiences and much more in common than we realized.

  • Book Exchange 2018 - 2019 Chairs:    Linda Rountree and Judy Reeve
                    NOTE: Members are encouraged to bring books to the monthly meeting to share for free exchange. 
                    Take as many as you like! NOTE: There is no need to return them!

  • Compassionate Care 2018 - 2019 Chair:    Mary Mathieu
This committee was formed to let members know that BWL is thinking of them in times of illness or a death in the family. 

            The cards and stamps are supplied by BWL and are sent by volunteer members
            Members are encouraged to let a committee member or chair know if someone needs a card.      
      June:                    Mary Mathieu, 937-429-3021     
      July:                      Joan Haslup, 937-429-5067                        
      August:                 Linda McLarty, 937-372-2004  
      September:          Jan McCluer, 937-429-9270      
      October:                Julie LaPolt, 937-429-5620       
      November:           Gussie Jones, 937-429-0805     
      December:            Nancy LeCain, 937-429-0263    
      January:               Jessica Keuper, 937-427-3244    
      February:             Fran O'Shaughnessy 937-657-8315
      March:                  Mary Waite, 937-429-4118           
      April:                    Pat Ferguson, 937-426-4650       
      May:                      Audrey Gordhammer, 937-372-7911 
  • Greene County Hall of Fame Liaison 2018 - 2019   Shirley Docken and Peg Arnold

This committee accepts nominations for our BWL nominee for the Greene County Hall of Fame.
Please click here for the application for the 2019 nominee.
NOTE: Do NOT submit the application to Greene County; 
              instead, please complete it and turn it in to Shirley Docken or Peg Arnold.
One nominee will be selected as the BWL nominee.

NOTE: No previous honorees may be selected.
              To see the list of past nominees, please click  here.
Questions? Contact Shirley Docken or Peg Arnold

  • Historian Chair 2018 - 2019:    Toni White
  • Labels for Education Chair 2018 - 2019:    Arlene Graham
  • Newsletter Editor / Chair 2018 - 2019:    Christy Tipps
  • Refreshments Chair 2018 - 2019:    Angie Baker
  • Senior Center Liaison / Chair 2018 - 2019:    Jo Ferguson 
  • Toiletries Chair 2018 - 2019:    Edie Keast and Jane Henry
  • Women in Transition Chairs 2018 - 2019:    
           Carolyn Tipps, Linda McLarty, and Mary Waite