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BWL Committees and Projects

Here is a handy list of items for various BWL and outreach programs:

Sign up to bring refreshments

Board members traditionally supply refreshments at our September meeting. Refreshment co-chairs Angie Baker and Karen McDermott will be circulating the sign-up clipboards at our first meeting. Please consider signing up to bring a tasty treat to share.

Sign up with Carolyn Tipps to do your Biography!

We really do want to know more about you! She'll make it painless.... We promise!

Labels for Education and Boxtops for Education ... and more!

Bring these in to help fund activities at Beavercreek Schools. Chairperson Arlene Graham sorts these and distributes them to the schools.
Please bring in all your tabs from the tops of cans of pop, beer, etc. We also collect Labels for Education and Boxtops for Education.
Need help finding the products that are acceptable?

Books to Exchange

Co-Chairs Linda Rountree and Judy Reeve take charge of this service to our members. 
Bring in books you've read and plan to pick up books from other members.
Any remaining books will be taken to Half Price Books to earn money for BWL.

Toiletries for Family Violence Prevention Center/Red Cross

Chairperson Jane Henry is in charge of this service to others.
Do you travel and use hotels often? Collect those unused little shampoo bottles, soaps, and lotions.
Are you the recipient of yet another scented lotion, potion, or bath soap you'll never use?
Bring these items in and let our Toiletries committee work their magic to transform these items into much appreciated kits for FVPC and the Red Cross.

  Wish List Items for Family Violence Prevention Center

Paper Products
Aluminum Foil Baggies
Dinner Napkins
Paper Towels
Plastic Food-prep Gloves
Saran Wrap
Toilet Paper
55 Gallon Trash Bags
Cleaning/Chemical Supplies
All-purpose Cleaner Bleach - I gallon jugs
Dish Soap
Disinfectant Spray
Floor Cleaner
HE Powered Laundry Detergent
Toilet Cleaner
Yellow Cleaning Gloves
FVPC Client Needs:
(NEW) Medical Gloves
Baby Wipes
Diapers - all sizes
Kitchen Towels and Wash Cloths
Underwear sizes 6-8
White Bath towels and Wash Cloths
Gift cards (Kroger, Speedway, etc.)
Old Cell Phones (no chargers-or booklets)

Nominate a BWL member for Greene County Hall of Fame!

Shirley Docken is the chairperson for this project.  Please contact her for details.
Click HERE for the form to nominate someone to the Greene County Hall of Fame!
NOTE: Greene County Hall of Fame Honorees may not be nominated twice, so please check the list to see who has been nominated.  Note that the list is by provided twice:  once by year of award AND once alphabetically by last name.  Click HERE for the list of current nominees.

Honor Flight Letters

BWL's goal is to collect 200 letters of support and thanks for our heros. Can you take a few minutes to write a card or letter? Please write "Dear Veteran" on your note as your salutation. Your note should contain generalized thank you comments, as your note will go to either a WWII or Korean veteran, man or woman. Tuck in the envelope flap, don't seal it. It will make it easier for the veteran to open it. The Honor Flight volunteers will address the outside of the envelope

Caitlyn Smiles

This wonderful group provides arts & crafts kits to children facing chronic or life threatening illnesses can always use play dough and washable markers o money to purchase items. 

Click HERE for a list of the BWL Committee Chairpersons.

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