**************List of as of 9/28/2011******************


NOVEMBER 8, 2011

Beavercreek City Council Candidates (Four to Elect)

Vickie Giambrone                Melissa Litteral

Jerry Petrak                          Deborah L. Sasser

Zach Upton

Beavercreek Township Fiscal Officer (One to Elect)

Christy Ahrens                    Chris Grebner

Beavercreek Township Trustees (One to Elect)

Dan Paxton                           Bob Stone

Beavercreek City School Board (Two to Elect)

Mick Lundy                          Al Nels

Write-in: Joseph Veneziano



     #1-Proposed Constitutional Amendment

(To increase the maximum age at which a person may be elected or appointed judge, to eliminate the authority of the General Assembly; to establish courts of conciliation, and to eliminate the authority of the governor to appoint a supreme court commission.)

 For/Pro/ Yes: None

Against/Con/No: None


(Referendum on new law relative to government union contracts and other government employee contracts and policies.)

              For/Pro/Yes: Building a Better Ohio-Rick Lohnes

              Against/Con/No: We Are Ohio-None

     #3 – Proposed Constitutional Amendment

(To preserve the freedom of Ohioans to choose their health care and health care coverage)

              For/Pro/Yes: Ohioan for Healthcare Freedom-None

              Against/Con/No: None



               Issue 11 Beavercreek City School District: Nick Verhoff, Superintendent

               Emergency level-Additional 6.7 mils-five years, commencing 2011

               Issue 14 Greene County Career Center: Dan Schroer, Superintendent

               Permanent Improvments-Renewal-0.75mil-five years, commencing 2012

               Issue 15 Greene Memorial Hospital: Perk Reichley

               Operating Levy-Renewal-0.5mil-five years, commencing 2012

           Issue 16 Greene County Board of Commissioners: Commissioner Marilyn Reid

               By Resolution: Governmental Electricity Aggregation Program