February 20, 2019

LUNCH and LEARN Event at Soin Medical Center
  5th Floor of the Ollie Davis Tower
     3535 Pentagon Blvd., Beavercreek, Ohio

Cost: $15.00 - Advance reservations / payment required
You may pay by check at the BWL meeting or online at EventBrite (Click HERE.)

Soin Medical Center has a new Cancer Center. About 1/3 of all people in the US will develop cancer during their lifetimes. Anyone can get cancer, but the risk goes up with age. Nine out of ten cancers are diagnosed in people ages 50 and older. The survival rates are different for people with different types of cancer, because some grow slowly and others spread faster. There is no sure way to prevent cancer, but there are things you can do to reduce your chances. Early detection is important. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are the 3 main types of treatment. Come and learn about the compassionate services now available locally in Beavercreek: Radiation Oncology, Breast Evaluation Center, and Infusion Bay & Exam Rooms. All provide patient centered care focused on healing the whole patient...mind, body, and spirit.