March 6, 2019

Healthcare Transformation: What is New That Might Help You? 
   by Dr. Patrick Jonas, Neighborly Family Physician, Beavercreek

Dr. Pat Jonas, a holistic-minded family physician in Beavercreek will engage the Beavercreek Women’s League in a discussion about current trends and issues in health care. How might all the advances in: 
• genomics (DNA sampling),
• pharmaceuticals (direct marketing),
• medical technology (wearables & implanted monitors),
• nutriceuticals (dietary supplements), and
• individual wellbeing
add up to lower cost and higher quality health care? What role might direct pay or concierge practices play in health care transformation?

Dr. Jonas has practiced family-practice medicine for a few decades. After careful consideration, he has changed his business practice to a new concept: Direct Primary Care. This new business model has over 1,000 physicians nation-wide currently involved. This model is endorsed by the American Academy of Family Physicians as a key option in healthcare transformation. Unlike concierge or boutique practices, these physicians do not accept payment from insurance companies and (with a few “hybrid” exceptions) have no insurance contracts. They are not employed by hospitals, pharmacies, or insurance companies, giving them more of a patient advocate opportunity than other physicians. Patients or their employer pay the physician directly. Patients still use their insurance for other medical expenses. The overall result is at least a 20% reduction in healthcare expenditures.

In Direct Primary Care practices, patients get more time with their physician who is less encumbered with insurance or government-driven initiatives that can be annoying and frustrating for both patients and physicians. The physician is not one of the 54% who are allegedly burned out by the administrative overload inflicted by “the system”. The patient panel of the physician is smaller, allowing more access to the physician and more time for the physician to study. Patients with complex problems can see their physician more often with minimal expense and more potential to have unusual conditions diagnosed and treated. There is more time for the patient and doctor to discuss advances in medicine such as genomics, nutrigenomics, microbiomics, holistic health strategies, complementary therapies, etc.

Many have questions about pros and cons of getting a 23andMe study. Dr. Jonas will provide insight about this consumer genomic test. He will also demonstrate how to play the didgeridoo for those who would like their spouse to stop snoring but not need a CPAP machine! It will be an interesting hour to contemplate several things that impact HealthCare in the USA.

The Beavercreek Women’s League (BWL) meets on the first Wednesday of the month from September through May at Peace Lutheran Church with a different program each month.  The mission of the group is to expand members’ knowledge of their community and beyond, to promote community service and to provide socialization.  Women of all ages and interests are welcome.  Questions can be e-mailed to  or you may leave a message at 937-985-4BWL (4295).

If Beavercreek City Schools are canceled due to inclement weather, the meeting is also canceled; however, school delays do not alter the planned meeting.