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UPDATE: PLEASE get your Scholarship Luncheon Reservation in! Don't forget to buy your ticket bundles! See the Scholarship page!

UPDATEAttend the January 2 meeting (Bobbie Carpenter re. B'creek History. Bring cash for the centerpiece raffle! Sign up and pay for the Lunch and Learn on Jan. 16; bring supplies for the buckets or donate money! 

UPDATE: Go to Lunch and Learn on Wed., Oct. 17 at One Bistro, Xenia. Get your new directory at the November 7 meeting. View the October Candidates and Issues Forum video by clicking HERE! (NOTE: The video starts in the middle; drag the scrubber and drag it back to the left to see the video from the beginning.)  (Posted on October 16, 2018)

UPDATE: Add the City BBQ date (Oct. 9) and the Buffalo Wild Wings (Nov. 12) date to your calendar! Check out the Events and Opportunities page for details!   (Posted on July 27, 2018)

UPDATE: Don't forget to put BINGO BASH on your calendar!  Click HERE for the details! 

UPDATE: The BWL membership form is available for 2018 - 2019 by clicking HERE.  Dues still remains at $30.00 and is payable to "Beavercreek Women's League". Turn in your form and money by October 3, 2018 to be included in the 2018 - 2019 BWL directory!  (NOTE:  NEW - not returning -- members must also submit a Waiver Form, which may be obtained by clicking HERE.) 

UPDATE: View the hour-long video, Free to Ride (Kirwan Institute of OSU) for the next two weeks, free-of-charge, at . Just click on that address and enter the password: freetorideBeavercreek

UPDATE Micaela Leonard is doing an all-call for baskets for the Scholarship Luncheon (due by April 4)! She provided GREAT IDEAS for you to use as is, or as brain-starters for your own unique basket!!  Click HERE for those ideas!   (Posted on March 11, 2018)

UPDATE: Want some BWL apparel? Holly Beard provided a link to click (HERE) to order YOUR BWL fleece jacket, hooded or 1/4-zip sweatshirt, or V-neck t-shirts (long or short sleeves). Pay securely on-line with your credit card!   (Posted on March 11, 2018)

UPDATE: Be one of 15 people to get a Pedal and Party ticket for a ride through the Oregon district on June 12 (6 - 8:00). Contact Missy Mae Walters at 937-430-2903 to buy your $30 ticket to fun! (NOTE: 100% of the ticket cost goes to BWL.) Click HERE to see the flyer!  

UPDATE: Do you know someone who would be a perfect nominee for Greene County Hall of Fame?  Please click HERE to use the form for nominating that person. (Reminder:  you must check the list to ensure that the person is not already a recipient of this honor.  Please find the list HERE. The list is alphabetically sorted and also sorted by year.)  Questions? Contact Shirley Docken for more information.  

UPDATEBWL is CANCELED for today! (According to our policy, if Beavercreek City School District is closed, then BWL also cancels its meeting. (Posted February 2018)

PDATEBWL is CANCELED for today! (According to our policy, if Beavercreek City School District is closed, then BWL also cancels its meeting. (Posted on January 3, 2018)

UPDATE: Hear a WARMING history of Beavercreek, by Historian Bobbie Carpenter! Bring a friend! Pick up your directory!
(Posted on January 2, 2018)

UPDATE: Don't miss the BWL meeting on Wednesday, December 6; see Betty Darst as Katherine Wright! Bring a friend! Pick up your NEW purple directories, if you did not do that in November!  (Posted on November 22, 2017)

UPDATE: Want to nominate a BWL member for Greene County Hall of Fame?  Contact Shirley Docken for details. Reminder: an honoree cannot be nominated twice, so please check the list HERE to see who are the past recipients. (There are two listings: alphabetical and by year of award.) (Posted on November 22, 2017)

UPDATE: Don't forget to go to City BBQ on Tuesday, November 6 with your friends!  Click HERE for your coupon! (Posted on November 5, 2017) 

UPDATE: At the November 1, 2017 meeting, we were presented with an option to purchase t-shirts (long-sleeve and short sleeve) and fleeces of a couple designs -- all with BWL logos on them. Orders will be taken through Nov. 20.  Please click HERE for the order form and details.  NOTE: If you wish to pay by credit card, do NOT email that card info to Holly; instead, please call her directly with the charge card information. NOTE:  Holly Beard's contact information is in your BWL Directory. (Posted on November 5, 2017)

Have you checked out the photo page? Click HERE to see the photos from all the past meetings -- through November 1, 2017!

Also, did you view the video from the October meeting's Issues and Candidates Forum? Click HERE for Part ONE of the video; click HERE for Part TWO of the video.  
(Posted on November 5, 2017)

UPDATE: Show your patriotism!  The Beavercreek Optimist Club offers to place a flag in your yard five times a year. The cost is just $50 / year!  See the details on this two-page flyer! (Click HERE to get the flyer.)  (Posted on November 5, 2017) 

UPDATE: Three handouts were available at the September 6, 2017 meeting and the city provided digital copies of those to us. Click HERE to find the three files that are available on the page about the September 6, 2017 meeting. (posted on September 11, 2017)

UPDATE: Click HERE to see the Scholarship Luncheon Poster!  Feel free to share this poster with others! (posted on September 11, 2017)

UPDATE: Jo Ferguson (BWL's Senior Center Liaison) was selected as one of the inductees for the Greene County Women's Hall of Fame. Please click HERE to read the details!  Congratulations, Jo! (posted on September 5, 2017)

UPDATE: On July 18, 2017, Mike Frazier (City Videographer) notified us that the BWL Meeting presented on February 1, 2017 is now ready for on-line viewing.  Click HERE to view the program on the state of the township presented by Township Administrator Alex Zaharieff and Zoning Administrator Ed Amrhein. (Posted on August 2, 2017) 

UPDATE: The programs have been released for publication!  Click HERE or on the EVENTS tab to see what is in store for 2017 - 2018 BWL programs and click the titles to get details!  Save the dates on your personal calendar!  Call a friend to join BWL this year! See you soon!  (Posted on July 10, 2017)

UPDATEClick  HERE to see the videotape from the February 1, 2017 meeting (Updates on Local Planning and Development).  (Posted on July 5, 2017)  (The city notified us today that this video is now ready for viewing! 

UPDATE: Click HERE for the direct link to purchase your Scholarship Luncheon tickets on a secure online site.  (Posted on February 17, 2017)   Please click HERE to download the reservation form (for individuals or whole tables). (Post updated March 29, 2017; updated April 14 with correct time.)

UPDATE:  The NEW membership form for 2017 - 2018 is now available!  Click HERE to print yours and fill it out ahead of time!  Otherwise, forms will be available at the April 5 and May 3 meetings, as well as the Luncheon on April 29. (Posted March 29, 2017.)

UPDATEClick  HERE to see the videotape from the November meeting (Meet the Beavercreek City Schools Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent).  (Posted on January 25, 2017)

UPDATE: Click  HERE to see the videotape from the December meeting.  (Posted on December 29, 2016)

UPDATE: Click HERE to see the video of the December program presented by Jerry Leggett, former CEO of the Dayton Peace Museum.  (Posted on December 29, 2016)

UPDATE: Click HERE to see the Scholarship Luncheon "Save the Date" card! (Posted on November 3, 2016)

UPDATE:  Click HERE to see the Scholarship Luncheon poster! (Posted on November 1, 2016)

UPDATE: Click HERE to view the 40-minute video of the October Candidates and Issues Forum that was our October BWL meeting.  Click HERE to view the 26-minute video of the question-and-answer segment that followed the formal forum. Thanks go to the city of Beavercreek (and specifically to videographer / editor, Mike Frazier), for making this broadcast happen!  (Posted on October 30, 2016)

UPDATE: Unfortunately, at this time BWL has not been able to locate two certified child care workers to provide our babysitting service.  Therefore, until further notice, there will be no child care provided at the BWL meetings. Please pass the word on to those whom you think might be impacted by this change. NOTE: If you know of certified child care workers who might be willing to work on BWL meeting dates, please contact Vice-President Jo Ann Rigano. (Posted September 29, 2016)

UPDATE: An updated version of the Programs 2016 - 2017 was created on September 18, 2016. Click HERE to retrieve it. (Posted September 26, 2016)

UPDATE:  There will be no child care provided for the September 7, 2016 BWL general meeting because BWL Vice-President stated that no qualified child care providers could be located. Please pass the word to those whom you think might be impacted by this change. (Posted September 2, 2016)

UPDATE: As of the August 24 Board meeting, membership dues payments may only be made by cash or check; no charge cards will be accepted!  Please mail your checks in ASAP. If you plan to wait until the October meeting, please remember to bring cash ($30) or a check for $30 with you. Thank you! (Posted August 25, 2016; revised September 26, 2016)

UPDATE:  The web is fully updated with new information for the 2016 - 2017 year!  (Posted August 13, 2016)
  • Look under Membership tab for the 2016 - 2017 membership form and the waiver form.
  • Look on the Events tab for the program information for the year (printable link and topics) and look on the menu on the left for links to the detailed descriptions for each of the programs. 
  • Click on the Board and Committees tabs to find out who is in charge of what aspect of BWL. 
  • Check back to this News Release tab throughout the year for updates! 
  • Don't forget to check out our Facebook page! 
  • Mark your calendars for BWL meetings on the first Wednesday of each month (Sept. through May)!

UPDATE:  The Beavercreek Women's League bylaws were revised and adopted at the April 6, 2016 general meeting. Please find the file HERE(Posted May 4, 2016)  

UPDATEThe program for May 4 will be presented by Stephanie Bange from Wright State University. Have those children's books with stickers as Newbery Prize winners or Caldecott Prize ever caught your attention?  Have you ever wondered how books are judged? Stephanie is on the team to review books for the Newbery Awards.  She will share some highlights about the process and TITLES for books.  The 2016 selection process is only just starting.....  Keep in mind that it is still early in the publishing year.  The books are written by a U.S. citizen or resident and must be published during the year they are a "contender."  Stephanie will bring several books for you to skim.  She actually might orchestrate a "Mock Caldecott" review.  She will have about 5 books that you can review before the meeting or during the break before her presentation and then we might have a BWL weighted voting process to see what come up as the winner. Newbery and Caldecot are two separate awards with separate criteria.  The Newbury focuses on the text of a book, while the Caldecott is about the illustrations. I have always loved children's books.  Most of us have grandchildren that we hope will LOVE READing.  Come and learn about trends and awards.  Come and get some ideas about new books you might want to seek out at the library or a book store. It should be an interesting program! (Submitted by Julie Vann)  (Posted May 3, 2106) NOTE: NO babysitting services were requested; therefore, no babysitting will be available tomorrow. (Posted May 3 at 2:07 pm)

IMPORTANT: Bring $30 cash or your checkbook to add or renew your BWL membership for 2016 - 2017!  Memberships forms will be at the Membership desk -- or you may download one HERE. (Posted May 3, 2016)

UPDATE: Please click HERE to sign-up on a secure site for the Scholarship Luncheon on April 16. (Posted March 31, 2106)

UPDATE: There WILL be baby-sitting at the April 6,2016 meeting!  There is no additional need to call to reserve your child-care space, because sitters are already in-place for this meeting! Feel free to bring your child/children to the April 6 meeting, knowing that there will be child care there! (Posted March 30, 2016)

UPDATE: Come to the April 6 meeting to hear Sherri Herrick-Fayerweather speak on personality traits in leadership.  Don't forget to sign up for the Scholarship Luncheon, which is on April 16. (Posted March 30, 2016)

UPDATE:  The video from the February meeting on Heroin is now posted on the Beavercreek City's video-on-demand site.  Click HERE to go directly to that video.  (Posted March 30, 2016)

UPDATE: NOTICE: Due to our not receiving any 48-hour-in-advance requests for child care,
there will be no child care available for this March 2, 2016 meeting. 
(Posted February 29, 2016)

UPDATE: March into our meeting on March 2 to hear from the President, Vice-President, and Director of Business and Community Development at Clark State!  Click HERE for details!  IMPORTANT: If you need child care, please call 320-9077 at least 48 hours in advance to reserve a spot for your child!  
     Also, do not forget to sign up for the Scholarship Luncheon! Click
HERE for the direct link to the form!  

UPDATE:  The February meeting was VERY informative! Click HERE to watch the video of the Candidates and Issues presentation!  Click HERE to see the responses of the seven candidates for Greene County Commission. (They were asked to submit written responses to five questions prior to the meeting.  Read these responses!  (Posted February 8, 2016; revised February 23, 2016)

UPDATE:  The application for the Community Grant program is HERE. Deadline for submission is April 1! (Posted February 8, 2016)

UPDATE: NOTICE: Due to our not receiving any 48-hour-in-advance requests for child care,
                                    there will be no child care available for this meeting. 
(Posted February 2, 2016)
Waiver form is ready for printing. (Posted February 2, 2016)

The Lit Lovers Book Club (one of the BWL groups) meets each month from September through May on the second Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. at Peace Lutheran. Our February meeting will be Wednesday, February 10, when we will be discussing The Boston Girl, by Anita Diamant. Our March selection is Together Alone by Barbara Delinsky. We would love to have you join us for either or both of these discussions! Please contact Clar Rene Sliper if you have any questions. (Posted February 2, 2016)

PLEASE NOTE the time change for our February meeting. We have a different format, as well! ALSO, please note that for THIS meeting, we will meet as scheduled -- regardless of any school closings. The ONLY reason for cancellation would be for Snow Emergency Levels! IMPORTANT: If you need child care, please call 320-9077 at least 48 hours in advance to reserve a spot for your child! (Post edited January 27, 2016)
Candidates (County Commission) and Issues (Road Levy) program starts at 9:00 with Business meeting at 9:35. Break/Refreshments at 10:00. Program (Heroin Addiction) at 10:30. Click HERE for all the details!  (posted January 25, 2016) 

The BWL board members wish you Happy Holidays!
We hope that you have our Wednesday, January 6 meeting on your calendar!
Topic: Beavercreek City Schools' Preschool Program
Click HERE to learn more about that program! (posted December 15, 2015)

Click HERE to learn about RFID and the topic for our meeting on Wednesday, November 4. (posted October 26, 2015) 

The List of Invitees for the Candidates and issues Forum 2015 is HERE!
    Click HERE for a printable version!        UPDATE: The taped forum is available HERE for you to see (in its entirety)!  (posted October 21, 2015)  

The Program Flyer for 2015 - 2016 is now ready! (posted August 27, 2015)
    Click HERE for a printable version!

Women in Transition Applications (2015) are now available! (posted April 30, 2015) 

Click HERE to access the criteria and application form.
OR ... Click HERE to read more about this project!

April 2014:  Soin and Greene Memorial Hospitals Join BWL Luncheon
Soin Medical Center and Greene Memorial Hospital of the Kettering Health Network, have joined with the Beavercreek Women's League in hosting the BWL's annual Scholarship Luncheon to be held Saturday, April 20 at the Schindler Banquet Center in Xenia.  The community is invited to join with the members of the Beavercreek Women's League in attending the 30th anniversary luncheon.  Proceeds from this popular event support scholarships awarded to graduating female seniors from Beavercreek High School and adult Greene County women in transition who are returning to school to further their education.  Since the first BWL scholarship luncheon was held in 1983, $193,000 has been raised by the organization for scholarships.

Gabrielle Enright, early morning anchor and reporter with WHIO-TV, will emcee the event.  Mike Hemmelgarn, comedy juggler and ventriloquist will perform along with the musical duo, Raggedy Edge, featuring Bob Farley and Lynn Perdzock. 

 This year's luncheon theme is “Sping Blooms!” Flower pots, hand painted by We Care Arts and full of spring blooms will be offered for sale.  Those attending the luncheon will also be able to participate in eight health screenings offered by the hospitals.  A raffle of unique gift baskets and an opportunity to sign up for parties hosted throughout 2013 by various BWL members will also be offered.

 Doors open at 10:00 am to allow time to  participate in the health screenings, browse raffle selections and sign up for parties.  Lunch will be served at 11:30 am. 

Tickets are $35.00 and may be purchased by contacting Sue Toussaint at 937-427-1869 on or before April 10.  Tables in groups of 8 may be reserved.  The reservation form can be downloaded here.


Left to right Debborah Wallace, Co-Chair Beavercreek Women's League; Janice Rice, President Beavercreek Women's League; accepts sponsorship from Donna Saraga, Community Relations Coordinator with Greene Memorial Hospital and Soin Medical Center.
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