Woman-in-Transition Scholarship Application

The Beavercreek Women's League gives at least one Women-in-Transition scholarship each year, valued at not less than $500.00. It is
geared for a woman returning to school, changing careers, with life challenges, etc.

If you know of any students who may be eligible applicants, please give them this information and ask them to call to request an application.

Basic Guidelines for candidates applying for the Beavercreek Women’s League “Woman-in-Transition” Scholarship 
  1. Must be female and be 25 years old or older. 
  2. Must be a resident of Greene County, Ohio
  3. Must have earned a minimum of 20 college credit hours from an accredited college within the past five years with a GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. 
  4. Must exhibit financial need. 
  5. Funds must be used for tuition and/or required books and lab fees.
*Applications postmarked no later than July 26, 2011 *

CALL for an application:
Mary (937) 429-4118, Carolyn 426-0864