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2009 Winners

2009-2010 WIT Scholarship Winners

The WiT scholarship committee reviewed applications from women from Beavercreek, Xenia, Yellow Springs, Bellbrook, and Fairborn. They are enrolled in Wright State, Clark State, Sinclair , or Kettering School of Medical Arts. The winners are the following:
  • Sheila Miller - $1800 grant. She just finished her LPN at Clark St. and is now in the RN transition program there. She feels she is a born care giver.
  • Tracy Stewart - $1000 grant.  She is enrolled in the WSU and Union Institute of Psychology working toward a doctorate of psychology with a dual masters of public health for health management. She wants to provide holistic services integrating public mental and community health.
  • Carrie Wentworth - $1000 grant.  She completed hours at Sinclair and is transferring to Wright State for a B.S. in nursing. She said she has always wanted to be a nurse.
  • Jill Bloomer - $1000 grant. Jill has completed work at Sinclair, and is transferring to Central State to study psychology. She wants to work with people with depression, anxiety, and stress.
  • Christine Bosler - $1000 grant. She  goes to Wright State in the pre-pharmacy program. She was on the dean’s list all quarters last year and is interested in medications’ effects on our bodies.
All of the applicants submitted an official transcript and letter explaining the transition in their lives along with the application. They may use the award for tuition, books, or lab fees.
Since we started awarding these grants in 2000, we have now given $43,500!
WiT Committee
Linda McLarty, Mary Waite, Carolyn Tipps, and Elaine Mercurio
Immediate Past President Jan McCluer was unable to participate