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2013 Winners

2013 Woman in Transition Winners

The Beavercreek Women’s League WiT committee received 18 applications. Their ages ranged from 25 to 52.  Each submitted a letter explaining the transition in her life along with the application.  These lady scholars may use the award for tuition, books, or lab fees.  From 2000-2013 the BWL have awarded $58,500 to our WiT winners.


Each of the following winners received a $1000 scholarship.


  • Carrie Calloway is majoring in human resource management at Wright State. 
  • Lori Coulter attends Sinclair and is majoring in physical therapy assistant.  

  • Ashley Ocker is working on her masters degree in physician assistant studies at Kettering College.

  • Bonnie Campbell is also a student at Kettering College studying human biology and plans to continue on to physician assistant. 

  • Sheryl Kleckner is a student at Wright State.  She is studying finance on the financial management track.
WIT committee: Linda McLarty, Mary Waite,  and Carolyn Tipps

2013 Beavercreek High School Scholarship Winners

     All three winners of the 2013 BWL scholarships were highly recommended by the school members on the interview committee.  Each completed an application and an interview by teachers, counselors, and community volunteers.  Each received $2000 for tuition, books, or lab fees.
     Anna Graeter is enrolled at Wright State in nursing.  She hopes to be an ER nurse.  She will live at home and continue her job.  At BHS she has been a Beaverette for 4 years and was a LINK commissioner.  She has earned her Silver Award for Girl Scouts.
     Rebecca Heading is enrolled in early childhood education at Wright State and wants to be an intervention specialist.  At BHS she has been in show choir all 4 years and is in National Honor Society.  She ranks 24th in the class with a 4.4 GPA.
     Samantha Smith has already earned 32 hours at Clark State and plans to continue there to complete her associate of arts degree.  She’ll then transfer to Wright State for a degree in ESL (English as a Second language).  Sam hopes to work in an African orphanage.  She will live at home, continue to teach dance, and work over 20 hours per week.

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