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2015 Scholarship Winners (BHS and WiT)

2015 Women in Transition (WiT) Winners

The Beavercreek Women’s League Women in Transition Committee received 15 applications in 2015.   The applicants ranged in age from age 25 to 67. Fourteen (14) were from Wright State University and one (1) was from Sinclair Community College. Each submitted a letter explaining the transition in her life, along with the application and an official transcript. We awarded six $1000 scholarships. These six winners may use the award for tuition, books, or lab fees. We have invited them to come to a BWL meeting so that we can meet them in person. From 2000-2015 the BWL has awarded $69,500 to our WiT winners.
Each of the following winners received a $1000 scholarship:

  • Michele Baldwin lives in Beavercreek and attends Sinclair studying respiratory therapy, She has 3 children and is involved in her church. She thinks the scholarship will become a part of her investment in the community as she strives to improve the cardiopulmonary health of our residents.

  • Emily Buerschen lives in Bellbrook and attends Wright State where she studies anatomy and biological, chemical, radiological, and nuclear defense. She is the head tennis coach at Bellbrook High School and works for Miami Valley Hospital as a Care Flight Air Traffic Controller. Among several volunteer activities was an EMT for the University of Dayton.

  • Jody Hayes lives in Beavercreek and attends Wright State. She is a middle-childhood-education student and looks forward to teaching young minds as well as to be able to say that she finished something she started after she graduates next year. She has four children ages 13, 11, 8, and 3.

  • Tessa Miracle also lives in Beavercreek and attends Wright State. She is a BHS graduate and is studying applied behavioral sciences. She hopes to pursue research focusing on behavioral health care and participate in research evaluating efficacy of implementing different treatment models.

  • Pamela Nelson was awarded one of our scholarships last year. She still lives in Beavercreek, is a BHS graduate, and is studying nursing at Wright State. She says that career fits her personality and offers job security. She works part-time as a fitness instructor and volunteers with her two children’s sports.

  • Kenna Rodriquez is from Xenia and is a student at Wright State majoring in psychology. She has one child. One of her volunteer activities is providing emergency child care for foster children.

2015 Beavercreek High School Scholarship Winners

On May 18 at the Beavercreek High School awards program, BWL President Toni White announced the winners of the BWL scholarships.All three winners of the 2015 BWL scholarships were highly recommended by the school members on the interview committee. Each completed an application and an interview by teachers, counselors, and community volunteers. Each received $2000 for tuition, books, or lab fees.
  • Sarah Christy is enrolled at Wright State University in mass communication. At Beavercreek High School, she was the editor of the school paper. She played tennis and was in Interact (a service club). She graduated with a 3.5 GPA.

  • Felicia Pagett plans to attend Ohio University and major in Child Life (Therapy through Play). She had a 3.6 GPA and at BHS was in Link Crew, Network, and Spectrum. She also volunteers at Children's Hospital.

  • Kelsey Sedlock will attend Wright State University in pre-med and she plans to become an orthodontist. At BHS she played soccer for four years and she will continue to play soccer at WSU. She graduated with a 4.1 GPA.
The 2015 WiT committee members were:
Chairperson Carolyn Tipps, President Toni White, Elaine Mercurio, Linda McLarty, and Mary Waite.