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2017 Winners

2017 Beavercreek High School Scholarship Winners

In an awards program at Beavercreek High School on May 16, JoAnn Rigano awarded 8 graduating seniors a total of $10,000 in scholarships.  Each had submitted an application and had an interview with high school teachers, counselor, and community representatives.  Each was highly recommended by the committee.  They may use the funds for tuition, lab fees, and books.

     Because of unique personal circumstances, the committee decided to award the first two listed below $2000 each.  

  • Cheyenne Ferguson plans to attend Wright State and major in forensics pathology. She has a 3.95 GPA. In school her parents did not allow her to participate in any activities. Cheyenne will continue to live in Miamisburg with her sister and work 30+ hours per week at McDonalds where she walks to work.

  • Destiny Nguyen will also go to Wright State and major in political science with the goal of becoming a senator or working for a non-profit organization. She has cheered for 4 years and has a 3.3 GPA. Destiny has already earned 15 college credit hours. She went to cosmetology school, works 40 hours per week as a nail tech, and will move out in August and support herself.
     Each of the following was awarded a $1,000 scholarship:
  • Emma Coning is enrolled at the University of Dayton and plans to major in political science. She hopes to get involved in politics and hit the campaign trail. In school she was in National Honor Society, on the academic team, in Model UN, and co-president of the choir. She has a 4.36 GPA. She has been involved in Irish dancing since she was 4 and teaches privately about 20 hours per week.
  • Angelica Heggem plans to go to Wright State and major in nursing with the goal of nurse practictioner in pediatrics. She will live at home. In school she was in winter guard, Interact’s closet/dress drive, and National Honor Society., She had a 3.9 GPA. Outside of school she participated in 4-H for 9 years including STEM-related projects and was a Teen Ambassador.
  • Allison Huntington plans to major in speech therapy at Miami University. She was very active at Beavercreek – marching band, show choir combo, and National Honor Society. She has a 4.14 GPA. Outside of school she has been on a dance team for 12 years and is active in her church’s junior church department.
  • Taylor Keller is going to Ohio University to double major in finance and international business. She has a 3.8 GPA and is in National Honor Society. She has several volunteer activities including Trinity Community. She works about 20 hours per week.
  • Caitlin Lavilla is a triplet in an active family. She plans to attend UD and major in pre-med with the goal of physician assistant. She is in National Honor Society and has a 4.2 GPA. Caitlin plays the harp in the Dayton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra and Springfield Symphony. She has a partial scholarship from UD and will give free concerts around the area representing the university. She also teaches a Sunday School class at her church and works part-time at Old Navy.
  • Abbey Gillum will attend Wright State and live at home. She plans to major in business/finance. Her GPA was 3.7. She played trombone in the marching band and was a section leader. She is active in her church especially the youth group outreach and signs the Bible verses. Her goal is to take over her father’s business of window tinting and chroming.

2016 Woman in Transition Winners  
(Please check back in late August or early September for the drum-roll announcement of the 2017 WiT winners!)  

The Woman in Transition committee received eighteen completed applications, including a letter explaining the transition in her life, as well as an official transcript. We awarded five $1300 scholarships. The applicants were from Beavercreek, Fairborn, Bellbrook, Xenia, and Yellow Springs. They attend Wright State University, Kettering College, and Clark State. (No applicants were from Sinclair Community College, so that grant went unused this year and will be held for next year.) 

  •  Katherine Isaza lives in Fairborn and attends Wright State.  She is studying clinical psychology and is starting a year-long internship.  She is single and hopes to “contribute to the mental health and general well-being of ethnic minorities living in the US”.

  • Lorri Linkhart also attends Wright State and is studying Rehabilitation Service.  She has only 12 hours to complete her degree.  She is a single mother of 3, lives in Beavercreek, and appreciates our scholarship since she is no longer eligible for Federal Student Aid.
  • Sabrina Powers lives in Beavercreek and is studying to be a Physician Assistant at Kettering College.  To make plans for actual patient care hours, she quit her present job and sold her house.  As a graduating Beavercreek High School student several years ago, Sabrina was awarded a BWL $500 book grant.

  • Kenna Rodriquez is from Xenia and is a student at Wright State working on her master's degree in Rehab Counseling.  She was one of our winners last year.  She says that “with multiple disabilities due to an accident, she is going to school to work with individuals with severe disabilities and help them achieve their goals and live a full life”.

  • Janice Russell lives in Bellbrook with her 3 children.  She attends Clark State and is studying to become an LPN.  She returned to school to make a better life for her family and she wants to break a cycle of poverty.  She moved to Bellbrook for a safer environment and better schools for her children.  
These winners may use the award for tuition, books, or lab fees. We have invited them to come to a BWL meeting so we can meet them in person. From 2000-2016 we have awarded  $76,000 to our WiT winners. 
WiT Committee:   Mary Waite, Linda McLarty, Carolyn Tipps, and Past President Melinda Nutter.  

2017 Beavercreek High School Scholarship Winners

In an awards program at Beavercreek High School on May 16, Melinda Nutter awarded five graduating seniors a $2000 scholarship. Each awardee had submitted an application and had an interview with high school teachers, counselor, and community representatives. Each one was highly recommended by the committee. They may use the funds for tuition, lab fees, and books.

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